This simulation aims to provide participants a basic understanding of key investment banking & capital markets services, transactions and deal flows. It's a highly interactive event and the top performing students are recommended to our network of clients for Intern and Analyst programmes. 

This is a beginner level simulation.​ ​You will be grouped into teams of 4. Please email if you would liked to be teamed up with certain members that have also signed up.

The deadline for registering to the course is June 30. 


If you attend, you will:

  • run your own simulated investment bank and watch your P&L rise and fall
  • compete against other teams in your own market and work on win-win situations with other teams to provide M&A advisory services in line with debt and equity financing solution
  • receive real-life experience of the sort of work you will do at a desk
  • gain a high-level strategic overview Financial Services and be better prepared for interviews in the field

Campus Simulation