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Finsimco is working with the leading banks on their staff training and development. We are a pioneer in investment banking simulations. Our simulations are the most challenging and realistic available for training corporate finance professionals. 
We provide experiential learning in an exciting, virtual business environment. The combination of immediate feedback and the competitive group dynamics are unbeatable for consolidating learning and acquiring skills

Our modular-based investment banking simulations are:

  • tailored to the target audience - intern, analyst and associate levels,

  • available as a 1/2-day to 10-day product,

  • flexible to allow the inclusion of further corporate finance fields besides the core M&A and Capital Markets modules.

Why work with us


Our simulations are built by various corporate finance, leveraged finance and risk professionals. From finance foundations to complex corporate valuations, realistic practical applications can be found throughout every stage of the experience.


Teams run their simulated investment bank and become immersed watching their own P&L rise and fall. They compete against each other in their own virtual market, not against a computer. The gamification of learning technical corporate finance skills lhas lead to very high participant satisfaction.


The simulations involve competition between teams and risk-taking elements resulting in a lively user experience. The energy throughout the process is intense and only builds through the stages as participants engage in analysis, discussion, preparing a pitch and negotiating financial instruments and companies.  


Our simulation can be up and running in no time. We also offer support to our clients beyond a particular training event. Our products are tailored towards clients’ needs and follow up consultations as well as testing options are available. 


We offer a highly interactive and modern training concept immersing participants in various investment banking tasks and leveraging stochastic modelling techniques to gamify the learning experience at a pace that adapts to the learner.


Our unrivalled simulations offer the full package. Participants learn the fundamentals and beyond in a short time-frame, equipping them to directly apply what they have learned. Participants returning to their desk having gained a better understanding of their roles and an appreciation for other teams and clients' perspectives.




Meet the team


Gerhard Wörtche

Gerhard has various front-office analytical experience including sell-side and buy-side roles at Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, S&P and HPS Investment Partners. He holds a PhD in Quantitative Finance. 


Simon Chiu

Simon is a programmer and data technologist with extensive experience in the education and gamification space. He studied Physics in Cambridge and holds a MSc in Machine Learning. 


Bharat Venugopal

Bharat is a senior investment banker with 13 years’ experience in M&A and TMT coverage across New York and San Francisco. He studied business at the Kellogg School of Management.  


Sanjay Joshi

Besides roles as senior strategy consultant and senior analyst at S&P, Sanjay has various entrepreneurial experience. He studied Mathematics at Cambridge and qualified as an actuary in four years.


Aatmay Upponi

Aatmay first gained corporate finance experience at Precomp Tools. He studied Engineering and holds a MSc in Corporate Finance from Cass.


Eimear Walsh

Eimear is an experienced Python developer and held roles as a senior Technology consultant at Nakama Global. She holds an MSc in Computer Science.


Andrey Simonov

Andrey worked at various investment banking business units at top tier firms, including UBS, Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank. He studied Mathematics at Saratov University.


Steve Kelly

Steve is an experienced tech entrepreneur and executive. He has founded and built various companies, managed the commercialisation of best-in-class technologies in Europe, Asia and the US.


Olaf Rottke

Olaf has +15 years’ experience in Advisory, PE, VC, family offices and entrepreneurship. He covered M&A transactions from various angles. He holds a PhD in Corporate Finance. 


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