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(a) Incorporating Finsimco simulations in courses has increased student applications by an average of 45%, primarily through word-of-mouth. We assume that the 'Number of additional students enrolled in a course' leads to a 10% increase in study program applications due to simulation-based courses.

(b) On average, a one-hour lecture requires 2.5 hours for preparation time and 1 hour for assessments. In contrast, setting up the simulator takes only a few minutes with no extra preparation needed, and it even provides assessment data. We assume proportional time savings using the simulations.

(c) 4.8 is the average rating for Finsimco simulations, surpassing the 3.9 average for business school courses, as per a Harvard Business Review study involving 20K evaluations. We anticipate a similar uplift in your course rating upon incorporating our simulations.

(d) Finance majors who complete the simulations have a 1.7x higher likelihood of securing jobs at Bulge Bracket Banks. We assume a proportional uplift in student employability due to better informed career choices.

(e) Graduates who have engaged with our simulations tend to experience accelerated career progress within a shorter timeframe compared to their peers. We assume that the integration of our simulations can lead to a similar career advancement trend within your institution.

(f) Accreditation bodies encourage industry partnerships. Our real-world approach to training aligns with industry expectations, making graduates more attractive to potential employers. We assume that integrating our simulations can enhance your institution's corporate partnerships.

(g) Institutions that have integrated our simulations report an average student satisfaction rating of 4.7 out of 5, significantly higher than the 3.5 average for non-simulation-based courses. We assume that adopting our simulations will elevate student satisfaction levels accordingly.

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